FIRE Manager is an online employee scheduling and personnel management system that can be used by both supervisors and employees 24/7/365 from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Online Scheduling for Fire/EMT Services

FIRE Manager is an online employee scheduling and personnel management system that can be used by both supervisors and employees 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. It's wide variety of capabilities and configuration options make it well suited to both the smallest volunteer services and the largest multi-station companies - and everything in between.

FIRE Manager helps you and your employees:

  • Optimize Employee Scheduling
  • Improve Efficiency and Communications
  • Save Time and Money

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When your employees first log into FIRE Manager they are welcomed by your Message Board and the FIRE Manager Dashboard. Administrators can place notices and instructions on the Message Board for all to see. The Dashboard provides each user with a quick view of his/her upcoming shifts, sign-up requests, certification notices and upcoming events.
The Member Database tracks employee information such as: name, title, date hired, phone number, pager number, email address, text messaging address, scheduling qualifications, certifications, refreshers, immunizations, etc... If you need to track other employee information, you can create and edit as many additional fields as you'd like.
If you schedule volunteer firefighters, you probably ask them to submit availability, and then someone has the painstaking task of aligning the available time within the schedule. FIRE Manager makes the submission and scheduling process much easier. Availability information is automatically sorted within the Schedule Editor to simplify scheduling. And approved time off is added to the monthly Availability Roster View so administrators can easily see who is available for last minute scheduling changes.
The Scheduling System within FIRE Manager is designed to be powerful, flexible and easy to use. A variety of tightly integrated scheduling features allow companies big and small to deal with a variety of employee types, and scheduling criteria. Availability is automatically sorted within the Schedule Editor. Complex rotations can be quickly added for a year or more into the future. Employees can request time off, trades and sign-ups. Your company can require administrator approval for these requests or you can let FIRE Manager approve most requests automatically based on qualification criteria.
Multiple work limits can be set to either not allow scheduling or give a warning when an employee is about to be scheduled for more than a certain number contiguous hours and/or hours per week or pay period.
FIRE Manager offers several different work schedule views designed to accommodate a variety of scheduling styles and processes. These views include a Daily View, Daily Block View, Daily Summary View, Weekly Block View, Weekly Shifts View, Monthly Calendar View and a Monthly Roster View. From these pages administrators can see open shifts and immediately send out Find Coverage emails and text messages.
If you choose to allow some or all of your employees to sign-up for open shifts, with FIRE Manager they can sign-up from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can choose to require administrator approval or you can let FIRE Manager approve the sign-ups automatically based on shift requirements and employee qualifications. As soon as the sign-up is approved, the online schedule is updated immediately for all to see.
With FIRE Manager your employees will no longer have to phone-in or drop by the station with time off requests. As soon as an administrator approves the request, the online schedule is updated immediately for all to see. FIRE Manager even allows you to track paid time off at different rates, to comply with FLSA and union rules.
If you choose to allow your employees to trade shifts, they can now do so from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can require administrator approval or allow FIRE Manager to approve trade requests automatically. As soon as the trade is approved, the online schedule is updated immediately for all to see.
Post your upcoming meetings, training classes, conferences and any other special events that your people need to know about.
Upload files to your FIRE Manager Library so your employees can access them from anywhere. Post photos, meeting notes, training videos, forms, standard operating procedures and links to other web sites. You can even use the Library as a secure off-site storage location for important back-up files. Any file that can be stored on a computer can be stored in your FIRE Manager Library.
The Discussions forum gives your company your own private discussion area to use however you wish for ongoing conversations, logs, surveys, suggestions and training scenarios. It gives your people another great way to stay connected and informed. Discussions even allows you to restrict access to selected topics based on member access levels.
From the Reports section you will notice a wide variety of reports including availability, scheduled hours, paid time off, individual member, certifications, and more. All payroll related reports can be produced for any given date and time range. All reports have printer friendly views and can be exported to CSV files.

Our optional Time Clock Kiosk provides you with a well integrated total Time and Attendance solution. Set up unique kiosks wherever you have Internet access. Track your people as they come and go, from wherever you are. Then compare each shift's time clock data to the employee schedule and send the corresponding info off to payroll.

For more security add our optional finger print scanner.

Our Time Clock module combines seamlessly with EMS Manager, FIRE Manager, or Zanager. We believe it's the best Time and Attendance system money can buy. But we're happy to say it's also one of the most affordable.

For more information and to hear what our customers think about the Aladtec Time Clock system click here.

Members can subscribe to their FIRE Manager schedule with personal scheduling software that is compatible with the ical scheduling format, such as Google Calendar, Apple & iPhone iCal, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook 2007, and many more.
FIRE Manager is now optimized to display on current generation smartphones, and allows your employees to save time by offering easy access to many of FIRE Manager's most popular features from anywhere.